Commonly known as a seizure disorder, epilepsy is a chronic neurological condition which causes seizures to arise often, and unprovoked.  Surgical methods are sometimes used to treat this condition, but medication and lifestyle changes are generally the more common methods. At Three Village NeurologyDr. James Bruno is a neurologist near Stony Brook, New York that provides diagnosis and treatment for epilepsy. Not every cause of epilepsy is known but many risk factors have been identified.

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April 2018

April 15,  2018

April 30,  2018

Those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome will attest that the condition is uncomfortable and painful. The sharpness and pain felt through the joints in the hand and wrist are often hard to deal with, especially for those who perform tasks that require constant movement of the hand and wrist. However, once the condition develops, the impact of the condition will be felt. This does raise questions regarding what are the causes of carpal tunnel. Such causes are varied and can include the following:

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