September 15,  2018

September 25,  2018

In order to prevent a stroke, you first need to know what a stroke is. When blood flow is cut off from the brain, a stroke will occur. Strokes can occur in any portion of the brain. Since the brain cells are being deprived of oxygen, these cells will begin to die, and the abilities controlled by the affected areas are lost. A stroke can affect anyone at any age, so it is extremely important to start stroke prevention methods as early as possible. If you have any questions or concerns regarding ways to help prevent a stroke from occurring, contact our neurologist near Stony Brook for more information.

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Many people experience having a bad night sleep at one point or another. This is usually caused by stress, travel, chronic pain, or an interruption of your routine. However, if your sleeping trouble starts to become a regular occurrence and begins to interfere with your daily life, this could be a sign you are suffering from sleep apnea. If your sleepless nights are affecting your daily life, contact Three Village Neurology and make an appointment with our doctor for sleep apnea in Suffolk County.

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September 2018